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Community Living is the Best Living

Here at Weldenfield and Rowe, we love building places where communities can grow and flourish. When it comes to our community, Riverview at the Preserve, being part of a very special neighborhood is why many of our homeowners decided to settle there. Community living has so many benefits!

Elizabeth River

Why the Elizabeth River is Perfect for New Home Building

At WeldenField & Rowe Custom Homes, we are extremely proud of the work we’ve done building homes along the Elizabeth River. This vital river is an integral part of the local economy and one of the most important branches of the Intracoastal Waterway. As part of this 3,000-mile-long network of bays, rivers, and canals stretching from the Gulf coasts to the Atlantic shore, the Elizabeth River is pivotal to life and travel in the region.

Riverview at the preserve

Take a Walkthrough Tour of WeldenField and Rowe’s Work

Whether you’re interested in buying a home that’s ready to move into or want to build something entirely new, WeldenField & Rowe Custom Homes has something to offer everyone at Riverview at The Preserve. Move into one of our maintenance-free townhomes and enjoy the community pier, or build your own custom single-family home in one of our riverfront lots and walk from your back porch onto your own private pier. The possibilities are endless with WeldenField & Rowe Custom Homes.


The Health Benefits of Living Near Water

Many people dream of living along the water. If the idea of stepping out of your back door and into a boat for a day of fishing or sailing is too good for you to ignore, WeldenField & Rowe Custom Homes has something for everyone at Riverview at The Preserve. Living along the Elizabeth River is beautiful and serene, but did you know living on the water is better for your health, too?

Buying a New Home When You Have One to Sell

After finding the perfect new home, selling your old one is the next item on your list. While some homebuyers make an instant purchase and already have guests on the way to the housewarming party, that’s not the practical truth for most. Selling an old home and moving into a new one is a process, but it can be somewhat streamlined if you know what to expect.